Driving Lessons - Saint-Laurent

Join Universal Driving School and benefit from high standard driving lessons with highly trained instructors. 

Where to get driving lessons from?

The SAAQ is the regulatory body for issuing drivers licenses in Quebec. As such, the organization also controls which driving schools are authorized to give theory and practical driving lessons. Moreover, everyone willing to get a driver's license must have at least a minimum of 15 hours of on-road instruction sessions. According to the new legislation, future drivers also need to attend 24 hours of theory lessons to be eligible for a driving license. Therefore, you must choose the school you are joining carefully so that you do not waste your time and money! Choose only the schools that are accredited by the SAAQ. Universal Driving School is one such institution where in addition, you will receive driving training from highly trained and experienced instructors.

Regardless if you are from Mont-Royal, West Island, Saint-Laurent or any other neighboring regions within Montreal, Universal Driving School welcomes you in its high tech classrooms and with a fleet of trucks and car.