Truck Driving- Montreal

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What license is needed for what types of trucks?

Truck driving is highly regulated in Quebec as well as other parts of Canada and even the world. A class 3 license authorizes holders to drive twin-axle straight-body trucks with a net weight of 4.5 tonnes or more; any trucks with three of more axles; a vehicle hauling a trailer or semitrailer with a net weight not exceeding 2 tonnes or a vehicle of 2 to 4.5 tonnes provided it is only used to transport equipment, tools or furnishing as part of its permanent equipment and finally all other vehicles other than those covered by class 1 and 2 licenses. To drive a heavy vehicle in Qu├ębec, a driver must hold a class 1 driving license. Trucks falling under the category of heavy vehicles are: double-axle road tractor with a net weight of 4.5 tonnes or more pulling one or more trailers or semitrailers; trucks covered by class 3 licenses and all other types of road vehicles, except for motorcycles.

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